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'6 Nations' Business Networking Reception

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A very convivial event which preceeded the FR vs IR 6-nations match on Saturday, February 12th.

We 'kicked off' our first physical event of the year with a business networking reception at the Embassy of Ireland prior to the 6 nations rugby match on Saturday, February 12th. Thank you to Ambassador Niall Burgess and Minister Thomas Byrne, Minister of State for European Affairs, for a very warm welcome at the Embassy where members and guests enjoyed glorious sunshine in the gardens before a very convivial lunch in the Embassy reception rooms. Thank you also to our colleagues at Enterprise Ireland and Tourism Ireland and all our members present for making it such an enjoyable event!  A special mention for Pioneer member Stade de France whose team took to the floor to present all the stadium has to offer in particular with respect to the RWC 2023.


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