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Annual fee: 260€


BUSINESS membership is open to representatives of French and Irish companies interested in trade, investment and business between the two countries.


It will be possible among other things:

• Access to the Business Membership NetworkIrlande events (BoostYourNetwork, Lunch at the races, lunch meetings, topical breakfast…)

• Other professional common events with EI, CC…events access.

• A welcome text on our monthly newsletter and our website to introduce you to our community when you register at NetworkIrlande

• A presentation of your company and its services in our newsletter

• Possibility to invite 2 people from your company to our events (at member rate)

• Possibility of meeting with the French-Irish community during informal events intended to strengthen the links between our two countries

• Visibility on the member directory

• Representation of your company (during the events your name and that of your company will be written on your badge)

• Possibility of publishing job offers in our website

• Possibility of co-sponsorship of NetworkIrlande events with co-visibility print and digital.

• Possible access to Full-sponsorship of NI event, becoming a Pioneer member for special first year fee (20% of the sponsorship deducted on pioneer membership with a limit of 300€)


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(vous en serez le membre représentant principal)


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