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Le Cercle des Pionniers


Annual fee: 1500€


The PIONEER Circle is a group of companies whose goal is to help NetworkIrlande become a major association in Franco-Irish relations. Especially in the business networks between our two countries. This membership allows exclusive commercial networking with leaders of major French, Irish and/or global companies.


It will be possible among other things:

• Access to Pioneer Membership NetworkIrlande events (Pioneer Lunch, Business Awards, event in preview...)

• Other professional common events with EI, CC…events access.

• A welcome text on our monthly newsletter and our website to introduce you to our community

• Possibility of meeting with the French-Irish community especially during an informel events intended to strengthen the links between our two countries

• Visibility on the members directory

• Representation of your company (during the events your name and that of your company will be written on your badge)

• Possibility of publishing job offers in our website

• Possibility of co-branding (e-mails, brochures) and displaying your company's documentation during events

• Insertion of the logo in each edition of the newsletter and at the bottom of the NetworkIrlande website

• Possibility of being a unique sponsor of a NetworkIrlande event. A reduction of 20% of the total amount of the event will be deducted from your membership within the limit of 500 €


But also :

• Special events exclusively for members of this circle, facilitating access to high-level and influential decision-makers

• Up to five representatives from your company are invited to attend member rate events and will be added to the NetworkIrlande mailing list.

• In addition, a number of free invitations for special events are reserved for Pioneer members, such as the annual Pioneer luncheon chaired by the Ambassador of Ireland.


Inscrivez-vous ici pour que votre entreprise rejoigne le Cercle des Pionniers.

(vous en serez le membre représentant principal)


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