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Nos événements physiques sont reportés pour le moment et nous sommes conscients que beaucoup d'entre vous sont préoccupés par la gestion de leurs activités professionnelles dans le contexte de la crise actuelle. Par conséquent, nous aimerions porter à votre attention quelques excellentes ressources de vos collègues membres qui traitent de nombreux problèmes auxquels vous, en tant qu'hommes d'affaires, devez faire face dans ces circonstances sans précédent.

Tourism Ireland are supporting those involved in the travel industry by providing templates for guidance on travel to Ireland, contact the French office for more details here. Up to date traveller health information for those travelling to Ireland during the covid crisis can be found here. Follow Tourism Ireland's fabulous Twitter page to be regularly transported to the Emerald Isle safely from your screen while travel remains restricted.

ISS, leading global providers in facility services, have provided a 14 page Back to Work Program which you can read and download here. Follow their Twitter page where commonly asked questions relative to the safe re-opening of work spaces are answered.

Axway are currently offering Syncplicity for Remote Work at no cost along with free training and resources to help support newly remote teams. Syncplicity is a secure cloud service that can be deployed quickly, to provide immediate support and relief for users who are transitioning to working remotely. All details here.

Grant Thornton have put together a very comprehensive set of resources on their website both for France and for Ireland . These address the effects of the current emergency situation covering topics from tax to payment delays to business and digital risk and much more.





The analysis EY share on their LinkedIn page is truly edifying and EY conduct regular free webinars sharing their expert advice on what your business can implement to help withstand the current crisis. Find their Covid-19 Enterprise Resilience Framework here. EY are also providing a cash management model on demand, see here for details.


Expert and timely financial planning tips from Davy here . Their in-depth analysis of coronavirus and its impact on the global economy, ‘Putting the panic into perspective', can be dowloaded here

Here Cheuvreux cover Covid-19 implications on issues such as 'non-paiement des loyers commerciaux', 'l'impact sur les contrats de l'immobilier', 'règles de passation', 'droit social'.

IDA are sharing relevant, comprehensive information and advice on Covid-19 via a dedicated space on their website : https://www.idaireland.com/how-we-help/covid19-support-and-updates

http://www.bordbia.ie/covid contains a range of resources that companies in the food and drink industry can access and they have developed a podcast series providing information, insights and analysis on areas of critical importance in the food and drink industry during Covid-19, access here. Their latest Market and Sector Insights Report on the Covid-19 impact on trade  can be found here.

Denjean et Associés answer Covid-19 related tax questions on their blog here.

Find a great tutorial here from Thomas Bidou over at FPExpert on how to fill in your request for partial activity, step by step.

Hubert Levesque, General Manager at Bold Executives, shares his HR insights on successful recruitment via video conferencing here.

Enterprise Ireland has a number of supports available to help businesses mitigate the impact of Covid-19 . Their Covid-19 business response plan can be downloaded here. Enterprise Ireland's new Market Watch series reports on business across Europe and you can also sign up for their newsletter which is full of great resources here .

PwC are producing a series of podcasts providing essential insights as we navigate the business challenges that COVID-19 presents. Find the first podcast in the series here and follow them on LinkedIn to keep up to date with the series.


For detail on the French government measures to provide business assistance during the current crisis please refer to www.economie.gouv.fr/coronavirus-soutien-entreprises


For detail on the Irish government measures to provide business assistance during the current crisis please refer to  https://dbei.gov.ie as well as the IDA page cited above.


For a synopsis of the mesures that the French government has laid out for the safe resumption of business activity please see the excellent article by Business France here


The latest conditions for travel between France and Ireland are outlined on this page from the Department of Foreign Affairs. The Ambassade de France en Irlande also answers many travel questions here.


Note that the Embassy of Ireland in France provide information and advice regarding the current situation on their dedicated website page here and can be contacted at +33 1 44 17 67 00. The Embassy public offices are now open by appointment on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You may also follow all updates and announcements from the Embassy on their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.


Finally, our friends at Irish In France have also put together a great list of resources, both informative, cultural and fun, to help us all through this confinement period. It can be found on their website here.


We hope some of these resources may be useful to you and look forward to receiving your feedback at admin@networkirlande.com. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your news, questions and suggestions.


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