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NetworkIrlande a le plaisir d'accueillir un nouveau membre business Le Projet Néolithique 2.0

Le Projet Néolithique 2.0 is a young French company owned and founded by a Monaghan man. They import Irish hand-crafted beer on tall ships. For the Paris and Sarthe regions, they can then deliver to your doorstep on a cargo bike. Their objective is to provide a good quality product at a reasonable price while at the same time showing a concrete example of what can be done in terms of sustainable entrepreneurship.
The award-winning Brehon Brewhouse beers are brewed on a family dairy farm in south Monaghan. Loaded onto tall ships, they then take to the waves for 3 to 4 days before arriving on the French coast. Sailing enthusiasts, epicurians, locavores, people wanting to support a sustainable approach or simply beer lovers should all find their fancy with a wide selection of beers.

Find out more about Le Projet Néolithique 2.0 via their website and follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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