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2023 - Ireland's political and economic outlook

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The NetworkIrlande 2023 program of events kicked off on January 18th with the support of pioneer members DAVY and AXWAY

The 2023 agenda kicked off with perfect timing this January as we explored the current economic and political situations in Ireland and what the coming year may have in store. Davy Chief Economist, Conall MacCoille, presented quite a positive economic outlook for Ireland. Despite housing issues creating a certain negativity, Ireland’s favourable demographics, its continuing attractiveness to foreign direct investment and its defensive export sector make for a strong economic performance overall. The housing crisis is also putting pressure on the political front, however Professor David Farrell of UCD School of Politics and International Relations believes the current Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Green coalition is likely to go full term. He sees tentative signs of Ireland’s electorate moving to the left, however no party is currently proposing tax increases to fund the expansion of the state. As regards Sinn Féin who have been consistently leading opinion polls since the 2020 election, various events and investigations have been putting them under pressure in recent months and there is a real sense of resistance and push back from the other parties. 
We would like to thank pioneer member DAVY for their collaboration on this event, in particular Conall and David for their expertise and insights. A very special thanks also to pioneer member Axway for hosting the event in their wonderful meeting facilities in central Paris.
Thanks also to all our members who braved the looming transport strikes to attend. For those who could not be with us on the evening or those who has expressed an interest in reviewing the event, a recording of the full presentation may be found HERE (Note there is no need to download the file as it is quite large, you can just choose VIEW to watch the replay).

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