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Webinar with Dr James McCabe

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A masterclass in the use of storytelling in professional communication from Dr. James McCabe.

An excellent exchange with Dr James McCabe who expertly answered the many questions put forward by members notably on the boundaries of story-telling in a professional context, ethics, truth,  'green washing' and how to tell a French story to an Irish audience. Participants came away with invaluable insights on narrative focus; why you should not necessarily put the focus on what you are doing, or even why, but what makes you different. Concentrate on your audience not on yourself, ask what customer dilemma can this organisation address or what employer dilemma does my career exist to resolve? In a world where there is no such thing anymore as a captive audience, James spoke of the necessity of crystalising an idea or a concept by transferring it into an emotional equivalent, concentrating on feelings and not formula and using empathy, suspense and surprise to create your memorable story.

James kindly shared a handout on 'Why Dramatics Eats Analytics For Lunch'.  Those who may have missed the webinar may request it by sending an email to admin@networkirlande.com.

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